Javier Vercher talks Supertone!

"If you want a great recording experience that needs that extra touch of magic, love and nurturing... Supertone Studios is your kind of place.

I couldn't have felt more comfortable mixing my latest album with drummer Jorge Rossy at Supertone Studios. The studio set up is stunning and the equipment is to the highest standard.

The working environment is calm and relaxed, allowing for concentration. We were able to enjoy our time but also be extremely productive. This is one of the most unique and impressive recording studios I have had the pleasure to be in!

Simon and Suzy are very easy going folks and they will always be ready to help during the recording or mixing session. Great ears and empathy; great coffee machine!

The town of Estivella and the area near by have a special magic and age-old tradition that fascinates the traveller and fills their free time with unrepeatable moments."

Javier Vercher: Saxophone & Woodwind

GROUNDPILOTS at Supertone: a video diary

A video from our friends G R O U N D P I L O T S who came to record at the Supertone Studio in August 2015. Featuring Simon Campbell (Guitar and MOOG Guitar) & Suzy Starlite-Campbell (Bass). This is what they said about the experience:

"What an exhilarating and productive experience it was for "Ground Pilots" to fly over to Valencia Spain and work the incredibly talented duo "Simon Campbell & Suzy Starlite Campbell" on our 2nd album "The Race - A Magical Boy - the Film".

The studio set up is a musicians dream with everything you require at hand including a Trident Vector mixing desk plus an array of ultra superb guitars & microphones to ensure the sound quality of everything you do at Supertone Records is the best it could possibly be.

Soon as we arrived we felt at home as "Simon & Suzy" made us feel so welcome straight away as they're such kind and attentive people.

Day one was a great bonding session for us all as we discussed about the weekend recording we had ahead, also visiting their local town and even having a little dance to a band parade in the streets before heading back to the residential studios and having a swim in the pool and listening to Abbey Road on Vinyl in a thunderstorm. (A moment i'll never forget).

When it was time to hit the studio, it was time to hit the studio in a big way full of excitement and enthusiasm, "Simon" was mind blowing with his knowledge of tech and his playability once he picked up a guitar made me feel like I was in guitar heaven setting his amplification to 10 making "Jimi Hendrix" blush, "Suzy" on equal measure playing her bass so expressively and on point was simply a joy to behold.

These guys know exactly what they're doing creatively and I'm so pleased to have had the chance to work with them both. a magical experience to say the least !!! 10/10"

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Chris Cheek tells of his experience recording at Supertone!

An amazing testimonial by Chris Cheek who recorded his new album at the Supertone Studio:

"As the name implies, that's exactly what you get at Supertone Studios!

Simon and Suzy's dynamic mix of top quality microphones and state of the art recording gear coupled with an incredible audio console and a spacious, great sounding live room all add up to a superb recording experience.

In relaxed and comfortable surroundings, you can do what you go there to do.. play and record good music without distractions. Being such kind and professional people and in a charming and subtle way, Suzy and Simon provide an environment that's very conducive to creative work.

When you're ready to roll, they're ready with you… when you need a break, their humor and hospitality is refreshing and energizing.

Being experienced, seasoned musicians themselves, Simon and Suzy have naturally cultivated a wonderful balance of living and working through the rhythm of the day. They've refined and simplified the technical side of things so you can just focus on the music and enjoy an inspiring atmosphere.

Supertone Studios is a real oasis, unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Whether you're having a coffee in their modern kitchen, sitting around the table in the big, airy dining room or outside by the pool chasing one of their adorable hounds, you'll feel right at home. It's all part of the magic of that hidden and beautiful place, nestled in a rugged landscape under an open sky.

Making music becomes an extension of being there…"

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Ground Pilots take to the air!!!

Very happy to welcome the wonderful, London based Ground Pilots to the Supertone studio in August to track some guitars played by our very own Simon Campbell and engineered by Suzy Starlite.

You will soon be able to hear them on "The Race - A Magical Boy - The Film"... Fabulous!!!

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'The Knife' now on YouTube

Following its release in October 2014, Simon Campbell's second album has won widespread critical acclaim. The tracks are now available for veiwing on YouTube.

Enjoy, and of course if you like the music, it's is all available on iTunes, Amazon and of course direct from Supertone Records!

Buy the CD and vinyl from Amazon now!!

Why did Supertone choose the Trident Vector console?

The heart and soul of any serious studio is the console and since moving to Estivella in November 2014, we have been looking for a large, vintage example. This is part two of the story and talks about why we bought it, collecting and installing the rascal by our very own Simon Campbell

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Javier Vercher and Jorge Rossy choose Supertone Studio to mix their album

Looking forward to welcoming celebrated saxophonist Javier Vercher and multi instrumentalist Jorge Rossy to the Supertone Studio to mix their album in July...

These guys are very serious jazz musicians / composers indeed and tracked the sessions in NYC.

Javier's latest release is on sale now!

Supertone Artists Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite on tour!!!

We are delighted to announce that Simon, with special guest Suzy Starlite, will be returning to his hometown on Sunday September 20th as part of their UK tour.

He will be performing on the main festival stage songs from his first two albums, plus previews of material from the next album being recorded with Suzy and set for release in October.

Simon and Suzy are joined by ace Valencian drummer Danilo Adriano Argenti Gener and the enigmatic Christian Madden on keyboards of The Earlies and Jimi Goodwin fame.

Headlining the Sunday evening are the The Proclaimers and the line-up will be finalised soon!

It's one of our favorite festivals; friendly and relaxed.

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Supertone Recording Studio is ready to take your booking!

Well, our 40 channel Trident Vector console is in place, wiring complete and we are ready to roll!!!

Here are some of the artists that have recorded through this wonderful machine!!!

Björk, Alvin Lee, Scotty Moore, Rammstein, Sade, Manic Street Preachers, INXS, Neneh Cherry, Ash, Celtas Cortos, The Cardigans, Compay Segundo, Reise, Roxette, Los Rodriguez, Diego Vasallo, Tahúres Zurdos, Najwa, Frente, Susheela Raman, dEUS, Peter Murphy, Drugstore and Fury In The Slaughterhouse, plus a good handful of exceptionally famous, but pretty uncool artists :)

Supertone have probably the best selection of guitars, fx and amplifiers in Europe plus a very large selection of world class microphones, converters and industry standard ProTools HD 11.x.

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Hi-Fi News reviews Simon Campbell's latest album, 'The Knife'

Thanks to Ken at Hi-Fi News and Record Review for this cool review of the 180g vinyl edition of The Knife in the June 2015 edition. Really lovely to share the page with Bob, Eric and the '5' Royales!

The wonderful 180g vinyl with FLAC digital download is available from Amazon or direct from us. Why not buy it now!!

Radio 3 RNE play Simon Campbell's latest album, 'The Knife'...

Fantastic news!

Today on the 'Saltamontes' radio show, Angel Lobo played 'Broken Man' and 'Dreamer' from Simon Campbell's new album The Knife on Radio 3 RNE (Radio Nacional de España).

The show, features international blues, country and Americana artists. If you missed it, why not listen again then share the love...

The album is available on CD and 180g vinyl from Amazon and direct from Supertone. Buy now!!!

Our search for the perfect mixing console

The heart and soul of any serious studio is the console and since setting up our studio to Estivella in November 2014, we have been looking for 'the one'. This is part one of the story detailing the factors that influenced our decision and what we eventually bought. Enjoy!

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About the Supertone Records Studio

People often ask how the great records were made from the 60's and 70's. Well, it's easy, the producers and engineers focussed on the performance, rather than to create a totally perfect recording.

In our opinion you can achieve a truly magical performance if the band is playing together in the same room and therefore our studio specialises in recording artists this way.

Listen to George Harrison, The Band, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, CSNY and you will get the idea. We also love more ambitious and progressive projects in the style of Mike Oldfield / Pink Floyd and have the ability to record as many overdubs as is necessary to realise your vision as the artist, but they all start in the same place - together.

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Bluesdoodles review The Knife

Lovely considered review here from Liz Aiken at Bluesdoodles.

"With the quality of vocals on every track, it is not surprising that Simon gained a nomination as a Male vocalist in the 2011 British Blues awards; always restrained, full of emotional intelligence as he gently delivers the lyrics."

Through her blog, she encourages people of all ages to go out and enjoy live music in pubs, clubs, small and large venues. Ace...

Why not take a listen to 'The Knife' for yourself. If you like it, please buy!

Big Jim Sullivan

Artist and in-house producer Simon Campbell, talks about his time recording with the legendary guitar player...

'The Knife' reviewed by Rebecca Colette Lawrence

Lovely review of Simon Campbell's latest release by Becky at Music and Manxies.

"It's really hard hitting, deep stuff - 5/5."

Why not take a listen for yourself. If you like it, please buy!

Article with Simon Campbell in 24/7 Valencia

In January, William McCarthy (aka Owl), editor of Valencia's premier English speaking magazine conducted an in depth article about Simon's new album The Knife.

The Knife is available on CD and 180g Vinyl from Amazon!!!

Supertone Studio is open for business

OK, our residential recording studio is almost ready and open for business. Repairs to the pool almost complete and acoustic treatment just being finished! More photographs to follow.

Supertone have probably the best selection of guitars, fx and amplifiers in Europe plus a very large selection of world class microphones, converters and industry standard ProTools HD 11.x. The centrepiece 40 channel Trident Vector Console sounds fantastic!!

We are only open commercially for 16 weeks per year so email us for booking details!!

See more insight into the equipment

Simon Campbell's new album 'The Knife' released today!

Simon started to write this record three years ago. The seven tracks reflect the way he viewed the world at the moment they were written. Tales of murder and betrayal, hopelessness and isolation, joy and realisation and blokes in pubs; a social rollercoaster. Read his article!

Available on download, CD and 180g vinyl. Buy the album now!

'The Knife' Review by Ian McHugh

Lovely honest review of Simon Campbell's latest album by the presenter of 'Blues Is The Truth', a super cool radio show broadcast on 'Jazz and Bossa' every Monday at 2100 (United Kingdom time). 'The Knife' is due for release on October 31st, 2014

Read the review here!