About the Supertone Records Studio

People often ask how the great records were made from the 60's and 70's. Well, it's easy, the producers and engineers focussed on the performance, rather than to create a totally perfect recording.

In our opinion you can achieve a truly magical performance if the band is playing together in the same room and therefore our studio specialises in recording artists this way.

Listen to George Harrison, The Band, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, CSNY and you will get the idea. We also love more ambitious and progressive projects in the style of Mike Oldfield / Pink Floyd and have the ability to record as many overdubs as is necessary to realise your vision as the artist, but they all start in the same place - together.

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Bluesdoodles review The Knife

Lovely considered review here from Liz Aiken at Bluesdoodles.

"With the quality of vocals on every track, it is not surprising that Simon gained a nomination as a Male vocalist in the 2011 British Blues awards; always restrained, full of emotional intelligence as he gently delivers the lyrics."

Through her blog, she encourages people of all ages to go out and enjoy live music in pubs, clubs, small and large venues. Ace...

Why not take a listen to 'The Knife' for yourself. If you like it, please buy!

Big Jim Sullivan

Artist and in-house producer Simon Campbell, talks about his time recording with the legendary guitar player...

'The Knife' reviewed by Rebecca Colette Lawrence

Lovely review of Simon Campbell's latest release by Becky at Music and Manxies.

"It's really hard hitting, deep stuff - 5/5."

Why not take a listen for yourself. If you like it, please buy!

Article with Simon Campbell in 24/7 Valencia

In January, William McCarthy (aka Owl), editor of Valencia's premier English speaking magazine conducted an in depth article about Simon's new album The Knife.

The Knife is available on CD and 180g Vinyl from Amazon!!!

Supertone Studio is open for business

OK, our residential recording studio is almost ready and open for business. Repairs to the pool almost complete and acoustic treatment just being finished! More photographs to follow.

Supertone have probably the best selection of guitars, fx and amplifiers in Europe plus a very large selection of world class microphones, preamps, converters and industry standard ProTools HD 11.x

We are only open commercially for 16 weeks per year so email us for booking details!!

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Simon Campbell's new album 'The Knife' released today!

Simon started to write this record three years ago. The seven tracks reflect the way he viewed the world at the moment they were written. Tales of murder and betrayal, hopelessness and isolation, joy and realisation and blokes in pubs; a social rollercoaster. Read his article!

Available on download, CD and 180g vinyl. Buy the album now!

'The Knife' Review by Ian McHugh

Lovely honest review of Simon Campbell's latest album by the presenter of 'Blues Is The Truth', a super cool radio show broadcast on 'Jazz and Bossa' every Monday at 2100 (United Kingdom time). 'The Knife' is due for release on October 31st, 2014

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Simon Campbell - Live Shows for October 2014

Simon Campbell, with special guest Suzy Starlite, will be performing his new album, The Knife on October 19th at Ubik Café. The record will be on pre release sale in CD, digital download and vinyl at the concert and will be the only opportunity to buy the record in advance of its release anywhere in the world!

Simon and Suzy are joined by Danilo Adriano Argenti Gener on drums and Diego Barbera on electric and upright bass.

They are also playing a number of intimate duo shows throughout the month in Communidad Valencia!

New album out soon...

Simon Campbell: The Knife Cutting at Abbey Road

Following mastering by Jon Astley at Close to the Edge, this week Simon's new album 'The Knife' is being cut by Miles at the legendary Abbey Road.

Supertone wanted a premium product and the half speed, deep cut facilities at Abbey Road were the only answer. The first single will be available in September with the, high quality digital download, CD and vinyl released on October 31st, 2014.

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All I Have Left

British Blues Awards nominee Simon Campbell's first solo album contained two acoustic tracks. They proved to be the most played which inspired him to continue on the acoustic path. This is the last track on the album, "All I Have Left" featured here on YouTube.

Listen to more of "ThirtySix".

Nashville has a Fat Bottom

Supertone Records flew out to Nashville Tennessee in 2013 to visit old friends, check out the music scene and look for potential places to relocate. Walking around East Nashville we stumbled upon the fantastic Fat Bottom Brewery. Real friendly people and a great place! They even gave us these beer koozies/coosies as a gift! Needless to say, we will be going back... for more beer of course!

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One Wedding, one Parrot and three gigs

Latest article by Simon Campbell who married in May!!!

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It's been a full on weekend of writing for Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite as they continue their musical collaboration. Thank you for all the fantastic mails of support about their recent gigs in Valencia; they had a great time and met some beautiful people! Sign up on Simon's website for news on gigs, gear, life and forthcoming album 'The Knife'.

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Our Man in Valencia

Ace sax player Simon Taylor has really changed Supertone's experience in España. A multi-talented musician, he is helping us with the music scene and culture of Valencia.

Photograph by Phil Kneen, 2014

Simon Campbell - Green Espai and Bigornia Café Bar

The weather is hotting up and so are the gigs. Simon will be playing with a full band line-up on Saturday 31st May, 11:30pm at The Green Espai, Puerto de Sagunto and Sunday 1st June, 7pm at Bigornia Café Bar, Calle Museo, Valencia.

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The Coat

Suzy's new song 'The Coat' was inspired by her Mum who developed Alzheimer's disease at an early age...

Remembering my Mum, who couldn't remember me


Electrolite is a 80's electronic dance band from Manchester. This is the debut EP by the band. £2.50 for a full fat /mp3 download and £10.00 (plus p+p) for the 12" limited edition 180g vinyl. Enjoy!!!

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Simon Campbell

British Blues Awards nominee Simon Campbell is an artist on our label. He is an ace guitar player and also happens to be the house producer. His new album, 'The Knife' will be released digitally in September 2014 and will be available on 180g vinyl and CD soon after.

Suzy Starlite

Vocalist, bass / keys player and song-writer, Suzy is an artist on the Supertone label. Having worked with Simon Campbell on his latest album and playing live gigs in his band, she is currently writing new material embracing many different musical genres.